The Navruz Student Association will have its first informational meeting soon.  After a successful Navruz Celebration in Spring 2009, we’re hoping to build up an even bigger awareness on IU’s campus of Central Eurasian Culture.  Similar to last year’s [December 2009] winter event, we’re hoping to again branch out to the community with a Cultural Celebration unrelated to Nowruz/Navruz, but still draw in those peoples that share the Indo-Iranian/Central Asian cultural influence.  All will be encouraged to attend and learn about the vast  heart of Asia between the East and the West.

Saturday, March 27th the Navruz Student Association (NSA), with support from Indiana University Student Association (IUSA) and the Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center (IAUNRC), will be celebrating the Persian New Year on IU’s Campus.  Navruz (which has a plethora of alternative spellings reflecting its popularity in many different nations) is traditionally celebrated on the first day of Spring, the Vernal Equinox.  Thanks to Spring Break, IU’s NSA traditionally holds their celebration the following weekend.  This year will be no different, and marks the 15th Annual Celebration of Navruz at IU.  There will be festivities day and night, starting with athletic games in Dunn Meadow before noon, a Navruz Concert and Show at Willkie Auditorium from 4-6pm, a Potluck Dinner at the Leo R Dowling International Center from 7-9pm, and ending with Peasant Disco starting at 10pm at 902’s (formerly Fester’s) at 430 East Kirkwood Avenue.  The day’s events are all free, though Peasant Disco carries a $5 cover charge and is open to those 21 and over.

My name is Michael Hancock, and this year I am serving as President of the Navruz Student Association. Our organization consists primarily of interested graduate students in the Department of Central Eurasian Studies at Indiana University in Bloomington, and our goal is to utilize student and faculty support and funding to highlight Central Eurasian culture. Our main goal, naturally, is to make each year’s Navruz/Nauryz/Navroz/Nawruz/etc. as memorable and excellent as possible!

To that end, we are hoping to organize several events for this year’s Navruz. As Spring Break once again coincides with Navruz itself, our celebration will take place the following weekend. Sadly, this will take place simultaneously with the Turkish Film Series, but it is our hope to work together, and not against, each other.

The date of our events is Saturday, March 27th. In the afternoon and evening of the 27th, we have scheduled both a food-centric and a show-centric event, in the International Center on 7th and at Willkie Auditorium, respectively. If you are interested in either one, or both, that is great! Let me explain how we will organize these events:

For more information, please contact us:

I’ll be adding various events to the NSA Calendar that might interest our members. If you have any events in mind to be added, drop a comment below, and I’ll get to it ASAP.

There will be a meeting of the Navruz Student Association at 5:30pm in the Indiana Memorial Union. As usual, we will meet in the Starbucks in the IMU and discuss progress made and plans for Navruz preparations. The meeting should be over by 6:30pm, possibly as early as 6pm.

This site has been organized for the purpose of publishing announcements for the Navruz Student Association.  Other functionality may be assigned at a later point.