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Dombyra Performance


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In the coming days we’ll post pictures and videos of the Navruz Celebration.

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Concert and Reception

The Navruz Student Association will celebrate Nowruz/Navruz/Nauryz this year at two major events, plus a third event for the 21+ student crowd (arranged by Peasant Disco).

March 25, 7 – 9 pm  [Friday evening]

NAVRUZ CONCERT ~ featuring acts, skits, dancing, poetry, and more

This event will be held at Willkie Auditorium, which is on IU’s campus, at 150 N Rose Street

MARCH 26, 6 – 9 pm [Saturday evening]

NAVRUZ RECEPTION/DINNER ~ an informal meal followed by music from members of the Silk Road Ensemble at 7:30 pm

This event will be held at the Leo R. Dowling International Center, at 111 S Jordan Ave


Parking for both events is available at the Jordan Avenue Garage, between 7th and 3rd streets.  In addition, parking is allowed off campus in Bloomington neighborhoods for free after 5pm on Fridays.  For Friday night’s event, the closest parking for those without IU Parking Permits may actually be in the neighborhoods between 7th and 3rd streets east of Union St.  Here is a map of this part of Bloomington:

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Navruz 2011 ~ T-Shirts

T-shirts are ordered, posters are designed, and we’re only a little more than a week away from the big Nowruz/Nauryz/Navruz celebration at IU!  Thanks to generous funding from the Indiana University Student Association Funding Board and the Inner Asian & Uralic National Resource Center, we have a series of great events planned, plus a first this year – commemorative T-shirts!  Not only are they an excellent opportunity to remember this great event, but they also allow the community to support the future efforts of the Navruz Student Association.  This year’s design is the product of cooperation between two members, and the colors were selected at our latest meeting to accentuate the celebration of Spring, one of the central themes of Nowruz.

Colors Available: Light Blue or Light Pink

Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large (Light Blue only)

The shirts are available at our events, or by arranged pickup via emails to the NSA (See the Contact Page), for $7/shirt.


T-shirt design

T-shirt Design - the two color options are light pink and light blue



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Navruz 2011 Celebration

The Navruz Student Association at Indiana University is going to celebrate Navruz with two events this year:

A concert on Friday, March 25th, tentatively 7-9pm at Wilkie Auditorium

A dinner/reception on Saturday, March 26th, tentatively 7-9pm at the Leo R. Dowling International Center


More information to follow!  Also in the pipe are pages on Navruz Celebrations among different nationalities!

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If anyone is interested in joining the NSA, please email us at navsta@indiana.edu asap!

For now, allow me to welcome our two new Vice Presidents, Stacey Pollack and Cody Behles.  Together with new members, we’ll be working together to foment interest in Central Eurasian culture on the Indiana University campus in Bloomington, Indiana.  Everyone is bringing great ideas to the table, including greater networking with student associations from Turkey, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and the Muslim Student Association.  Hopefully we’ll be able to add smaller events to our current docket of two big events per year in the Spring and Winter.  Keep your browsers tuned to this page for information!

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The Navruz Student Association will have its first informational meeting soon.  After a successful Navruz Celebration in Spring 2009, we’re hoping to build up an even bigger awareness on IU’s campus of Central Eurasian Culture.  Similar to last year’s [December 2009] winter event, we’re hoping to again branch out to the community with a Cultural Celebration unrelated to Nowruz/Navruz, but still draw in those peoples that share the Indo-Iranian/Central Asian cultural influence.  All will be encouraged to attend and learn about the vast  heart of Asia between the East and the West.

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